No, we do not accept reusable (portable) tenant screening reports at any of our communities.

Cash is accepted at the corporate office located at 815 East Rosewood.

Absolutely. Paying online is easy and convenient. To pay online visit our resident portal page where you will select your community and then log in with your user name and password. If you don’t have an account set up you will need to select “Click here to register” and follow the instructions for creating your account. If you have any questions about setting up your account or how to make online payments please contact your manager for further instruction.

We have a position dedicated to just that. Please contact our Resident Advocate by clicking here to fill out the Resident Resolution Form.

To add a person to your lease all persons currently occupying the apartment and all persons joining the apartment will need to fill out an application and pay the corresponding application fees. Next if you should qualify then you will need to pay a $75 lease change fee and you’ll be able to sign a lease with new residents at the current rental rate and lease length.

To remove a person from your lease all persons that will be remaining in the apartment must complete an application and pay the corresponding application fees. If the remaining person(s) qualify they will sign a roommate release allowing you to be released from the lease, pay a $75 lease change fee and then sign a new lease without your name on it. If they DO not qualify, your name will remain on the lease.

Please contact your manager with the lease terms you are seeking and they will prepare a lease for you.

Please print this form and take it to your health care provider for verification of accommodation. After it has been signed please return to your manager along with shot records and current license information to sign appropriate forms.

If you have given 20-day notice to vacate we will have posted a 48 hour notice saying we are coming in for a pre move out inspection. All that means is we are coming into your apartment to assess the amount of damage we can see at this point (if any) and to help you avoid charges for small things such as light bulbs, drip pans, and cleaning. You will receive a copy of this report.

Rent is due on the 1st by midnight and late on the 2nd as of 12:01 am. Our late fee is 10% of your rent and is applied to your account on the 2nd.

Reasons why a car may get towed:

  • Improperly parked
  • Parking in a no parking zone
  • Parking behind a garage
  • Parking in handicap parking without a placard
  • Cars in inoperable states/ disrepair
  • Expired tabs
  • Not displaying your parking permit (if applicable)
  • Parking in another’s assigned parking space

If you are locked out during office hours contact your manager. If the office is closed you may call 459-3522 and someone may let you in for a $25 cash payment due at time of let in. OR you can call a locksmith to have them help you access your apartment. NOTE: if you choose to have a locksmith come you are responsible to pay for all damage to the property and for the cost for us to change the lock back to match the original.

If there is a life threatening emergency immediately dial 911. Please contact your resident manager if there are any maintenance emergencies during regular office hours. If it is after hours please call (509) 459-3522.

Yes, we accept housing vouchers if your voucher is large enough to accommodate the rent at the property you are interested in.

No, most of our communities do not accept pets. The ones that do accommodate pets are: Stone Horse, Reserve at Shelley Lake, Artisan and cats only at Crosspointe.

Verification is required for all service animals. If you have a service animal you are required to complete the following form and turn it in to your manager before the service animal enters your unit. Click here to download the form.

To apply on line please use the search feature found on our homepage. When you find the community that you would like to apply to, click on it’s link to be redirected to that property’s website. Click on “Applicant Login” to open up the application for your property. After you complete the application form you will be able to pay the application fee. Application and screening are not processed until after the application fee has been paid.

Yes, you will need to contact the specific property to see if they are able to offer one at this time. Market rent may vary from what is posted on this website.

We do not currently offer furnished rentals.

We are not responsible for any of your personal property. Renters insurance is what protects your belongings. Renters insurance will cover all of your personal belongings in the event of a disaster and will protect you in the event that you damage the property (ie: fires, refrigerators quit working it’ll replace your food, broken windows, flooding from frozen pipes).

Anything that is verifiable is an acceptable proof of income. Including: Food stamps, TANF, retirement pension, paystubs, unemployment, SSI/SSDI, savings accounts, student grants and loans, alimony, child support, annuities, income tax returns, and 401k disbursements.

This apartment community fully supports the Federal Fair Housing Act, as amended, and offers equal housing for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, national origin or familial status.
An application will be filled out for each prospective resident. Any area on the application not filled in may result in rejection of the application. ALL PERSONS leasing an apartment must be of legal age – 18 years or older – to sign a lease agreement. Each applicant must meet the following criteria*. Income, credit and rental will be combined in cases of multiple applicants.

  • Applicant must have current, consistent and verifiable employment of at least 6 months.
  • Self-employed applicants must provide previous 2 years tax statements and previous 6 months bank statements.
  • Any other income applicant wishes to use in order to meet the income requirements must include award or benefit letter.

CREDIT HISTORY: Applicant has a favorable credit rating.

  • Applicants with a tax lien, repossession, discharged personal bankruptcy, collections or less than favorable credit ratings may be accepted with a guarantor or additional security deposit.
  • Application may not be approved if the credit report shows eviction and or monies owed to an apartment or landlord.


  • Each applicant will have a criminal background check obtained concurrently with the credit history.
  • Criminal background investigations that reflect any type of criminal activity will be referred to the corporate office for approval or declination. Any conviction of a crime against persons or property, or a felony on the report may not be approved for tenancy or occupancy.

VERIFIABLE RENTAL HISTORY: Applicant has 6 months with good payment and rental history.

  • Applicants with no recent rental history may be required to obtain a guarantor or pay an additional security deposit.
  • Current names and phone numbers of landlords must be made available for verification of rental history.
  • Rental references cannot be from a relative.
  • All lease terms of prior rental contracts must have been fulfilled.


  • Guarantors may be accepted if an applicant does not have verifiable rental history, does not meet the income requirements or does not meet the required criteria in any other section.
  • Guarantors will not be accepted in cases where an applicant has unfavorable rental history.
  • Guarantors must complete an application.
  • Guarantors must make 2 ½ – 3 PLUS personal rent or mortgage to 1.

If your application is completely filled out and the information is current, you can expect a response within 2 business days.

Please contact renter relations at (877) 222-0384
6am – 5:30pm PT Weekdays
10am – 4pm PT Weekends

3-day pay
A 3-Day Notice to pay rent is a legal notice informing you that you have three days to pay the principal balance of rent on your apartment home to avoid eviction. If you are issued a 3-day notice, rent must be paid in full within 3 days of receiving this notice to avoid an unlawful detainer. If you cannot pay rent, it may be best to move out to forgo an eviction on your record. Keep in mind that you will still be responsible for the apartment rent until another tenant moves in.

10-day pay
A 10-Day Notice to pay is a legal notice informing you that you have ten days to pay off any outstanding balance on your account. Keep in mind that any outstanding balance on your account could result in an unlawful detainer for nonpayment of fees. If you cannot pay your account balance in full by the time the ten-day notice expires you should contact your community manager about the possibility of setting up a payment plan.

10-day comply vacate
A 10-day notice to comply or vacate is a legal notice that may be issued to a tenant who is violating a section of the rental agreement. The notice will list which section of the rental agreement is being violated and give 10 days to come into compliance with that section of the lease. If the tenant is not complying after the 10-day timeframe, the landlord may proceed with the eviction process.

For a lease cancellation you will need to give proper 20-day notice to vacate and then pay a lease cancellation fee and if you received a concession you’ll be responsible for repaying it as well. Please contact your property manager for total amount due.

Yearly we post notice to enter for an annual unit inspection. This is so that we can ensure that any maintenance that may need to be done is taken care of and to help make sure you have the best living environment possible. We are checking all smoke detectors are in proper working order, appliances are in working order, and that there isn’t any deferred maintenance.

To be a vendor for Douglass Properties you need to contact the corporate office located at 815 E Rosewood Ave. Please come in person with a copy of your license and insurance.

You can view our current job openings in the career section. You are also welcome to submit a résumé that we can keep on file if you don’t see your desired position currently open. Résumés can be submitted to