Douglass Properties Team

Korianne Jackson, CAM
Korianne Jackson, CAMRegional Manager
Korianne is an avid hunter who loves the great outdoors. The only thing she loves more than hunting is going hunting with her family.
Crystal Lyon
Crystal LyonAssistant Regional Manager
Crystal is a Spokane native who loves her boys, her hubby and bowling.
Benjamin Thew, CAM
Benjamin Thew, CAMCommunity Manager
Ben is a native of Santa Rosa, California. He met his wife on Myspace and they are the proudest parents of a son, daughter, and 3-legged shiba inu puppy. Ben is a football fanatic and his teams are the Lions and Niners.
Phoenix Tage
Phoenix TageCommunity Manager
Phoenix splits his time between property management and acting at various theatres throughout Spokane. In his free time, Phoenix loves to run, go to movies, and go on adventures with his wife and their dog. Most importantly Phoenix is an avid Harry Potter fan and his greatest ambition is to meet author J.K. Rowling.
Kadie Kopf Nay
Kadie Kopf NayCommunity Manager
Kadie Kopf Nay is originally from Napa Valley. She is passionate about physical training and enjoys running marathons. She loves spending time with her two boys and their puppy.
Morgan Snider
Morgan SniderCommunity Manager
Morgan is a mother of 3 children and is a very family oriented person. She loves managing her community and is passionate about fair housing policies.
Sara Dunlop-Moffatt
Sara Dunlop-MoffattCommunity Manager
Sara’s favorite sport is volleyball, and she loves music and going to concerts. She also enjoys cooking, hanging out at the lake, camping and traveling.
Nicole Hawkes
Nicole HawkesCommunity Manager
Nicole’s hobbies include scrapbooking and Tennis. Off the court and out of the office she strives to be the best mom that she can be.
Shelby Nichols
Shelby NicholsAssistant Community Manager
Shelby is a huge sci-fi geek who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and the list goes on. He is also a certified Olympic and Western Hockey League Ice Resurfacer (aka Zamboni driver) and pizza is his kryptonite…plus he is a Libra!
Kara Colwell
Kara ColwellCommunity Manager
Kara was born and raised in Portland, OR. and has lived in Spokane for 2 years now. She Graduated from the University of Phoenix with her associates degree and in her free time she loves being a mommy and spending time with her family. She’s also quite the cook.
Angelica Lomen
Angelica LomenCommunity Manager
Angelica graduated high school when she was just 16 years old. She loves singing, snowboarding, and paintballing with her husband.
Jeremy Saugon
Jeremy SaugonCommunity Manager
Jeremy is married with a beautiful son. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing golf, and watching his favorite teams like the Gonzaga Bulldogs and WSU Cougars.
Amber Sword
Amber SwordCommunity Manager
Amber loves everything fitness related. She enjoys being involved with organizations such as the Red Cross and believes that being part of her community is very important.
Jestin Keller
Jestin KellerAssistant Community Manager
While not working, Jestin is usually playing with his 1-year old Heeler mix Jersey girl and spending time with his boyfriend Tyler. Jestin also enjoys going to EDM festivals and is an avid Nicki Minaj fan!
Jenna Galler
Jenna GallerAssistant Community Manager
Jenna loves spending time with family and friends. She spends her free time reading and learning. She loves fitness, food, and people.
Larisa Gasparine-Young
Larisa Gasparine-YoungAssistant Community Manager
Larisa grew up as the daughter of an Air Force officer. She has lived all across the US and even abroad. She graduated from Whitworth and has a passion for health, fitness and wellness. She enjoys summer and winter activities but her favorite time of year is fall!
Alexandra Lappano
Alexandra LappanoRoaming Manager
Alex has been parasailing in Thailand, lived in Seoul Korea, and she someday hopes to run an animal shelter. She also loves to try new food.
Kailynn Slater
Kailynn SlaterCommunity Manager
Kailynn went to high school in Italy. She’s currently working on getting her real estate license and she is a huge fan of cats!
Julianna Haley
Julianna HaleyLeasing Specialist
Julianna loves hiking, gardening and working out! She recently graduated with a BS in biomed and hopes to one day travel to Africa to help those in need.
Meghan Norris
Meghan NorrisCommunity Manager
Meghan is originally from California. She was very involved in drama in high school and led several school plays. She has a daughter and she has lived in Spokane for 9 years.
Tyffanie Myers
Tyffanie MyersAssistant Community Manager
Tyffanie is a business management graduate from SFCC who enjoys baking cupcakes in her free time. She has 2 dogs named Ellie and Effie and she has a cat named Einstein.
Lori Moore
Lori MooreAssistant Community Manager
Lori is a Utah native who loves animals (especially her babydog, Chico). With  a background in the auto industry, she loves to stay up to date in all things that zoom! When she’s not working you’ll find her poolside with her kiddos or bowling with her honey.