Douglass Properties Story

The history of Douglass Properties can be traced back to 1957 when Harlan Douglass founded his company together with his wife Maxine. Harlan started his home construction business with just over a thousand dollars in a savings account and with the mentoring of his father. After winning the honors of Spokane’s “Builder of the Year” in 1963, 1964, and 1965 Harlan’s business ventures continued to grow and now span to all corners of the greater Spokane area and beyond.

Douglass Properties specializes in both Commercial and Residential property management. As owner/operator of over 30 residential communities throughout Spokane and Spokane Valley, we understand the importance of building quality communities that are both aesthetically pleasing and pleasurable to live in. These qualities are apparent in the oldest communities that were built in years past and extend to our newest communities that are still under construction. Our continued development throughout the Greater Spokane area will ensure that we are able to continue providing quality housing for years to come as we have for the last 50+ years.

Being locally owned and managed has its benefits to both the community and our residents. All of the employees that make up our team are local residents, many of which have lived in Spokane their entire lives and know our neighborhoods well. This knowledge is helpful to people that are looking to move from one neighborhood to another or are moving to Spokane for the first time and want to learn more about what our community has to offer. In fact, our roots are so grounded that we still own and operate out of the building we were originally founded in.

Throughout our years in property management we have observed the needs of our many residents and have expanded over the last decade to include Self Storage of Spokane. Self Storage of Spokane offers locations in both Spokane and Spokane Valley and provides a variety of storage solutions for both personal and commercial purposes. Self Storage of Spokane works closely with Douglass Properties to ensure that they provide services to our residential tenants that rival our competitors at every level of service, quality and price. We continually strive to provide our residents with the services they need in the most accessible ways possible and our partnership with Self Storage of Spokane helps us to achieve that goal.